Charles V of Spain

Charles V of Spain
Charles V of Spain was the king of Spain during the time of Christopher Columbus. In 1519, which is thirteen years after he inherited the throne of his deceased father, Charles and his brother Ferdinand 1 inherited the Hapsburg lands in Central Europe. By this time Charles already had quite a bit land. He owned the Spanish Kingdoms of Aragon and Castile. He owned the Netherlands as well as Naples, Sicily, and Sardinia, which are Italian States. He owned colonies in America and Africa, and of course his newly acquired land from the Hapsburgs. But his kingdom didn’t end there. A year later in 1520 Charles was made Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire, and King of Germany. Now Charles V was the most powerful King in all of Europe and pretty much the world, and he was only 20 years old!
The following year Charles V had a war with Francis 1 of France, which in the end he won taken control of French land in Burgundy, and Italy. During the war (1526) however the Ottoman Empire had started to take over Europe. Fearful that his country may be the next to fall he sent Admiral Andrea Doria, who successfully defeated the Turks in 1529. In 1538 Charles formed an anti-Turk alliance with the approval of the Pope. Unfortunately the group disbanded when Ferdinand signed a 5 year treaty with the Turks. In 1555 and 1556 after have some tough times handling his empire he transferred ownership of the Netherlands and Spain to his son Phillip II. Finally in 1558 Charles V resigned his role of emperor to his brother Ferdinand 1. He then died on September 21,1558.


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