Christopher Columbus

Now, many of us know the story of how Chris appealed to the court of Ferdenand and Isabella but, you may be suprised to find out that not only was he a greedy man but, he was also a Catalan (not from Genoa) and maybe even Jewish. The reason peopleare starting to believe that Christopher Columbus was Catalan is for a few reasons:1.That the original form of his surname was Colom, a Catilan name, 2. many of the crews names and the lands he found were named catalan names, 3. He had not very good spanish speaking skills and made mistakes that the Catalan people would usually make when writing in that language. Now, remembering that this is just a theory with a little bit of backing evidence, the theory that he was from Genoa is still the widely accepted theory but it does give people something to think about. Also people are saying that Colombus may have been Jewish as well. During the time that he was going overseas there was an inquisition going on in Spain and the people who were mostly targeted was the large Jewish population of Spain. Long-story short all of the Jews were to be exiled from Spain on August 2nd, 1492. Colombus and many other Jews got ready that night and left…Christopher’s first date of his voyage to the new world is on August 3rd, 1492 (coincidental?). There is much more evidence supporting the Jewish theory here: than there was about the Catalan theory but, who knows maybe our original perception of who Christopher Columbus was wasn’t true in the slightest. (Catalan site:

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