Jacques Cartier

Jacques Cartier was a French explorer born in 1491 in Saint-Malo, Brittany, France. He first set sail in 1524 under Giovanni da Verrazzano, and was reported to the French king as “an experienced seaman and navigator.” Ten years after he started out on his first voyage, he was asked to “discover certain islands and lands where it is said there is a large amount of gold and other riches to be found.” He left in April, 1534, and first reached what is now Newfoundland, and explored the area before sailing inland along the St. Lawrence River. He went home to King Francis I and reported what he was found, and after hearing all that he had found in “Kanata” (what Jacques Cartier named Canada) he was offered another trip to explore Canada more. After another fairly successful trip, he returned home again, and France started to make plans to colonize the newly found land. Jacques Cartier made one more voyage to Canada before dying on September 1st, 1557.

information: http://www.elizabethan-era.org.uk/jacques-cartier.htm

picture: http://www.uppercanadahistory.ca/finna/finna1.html

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