Francisco Pizarro, a sailor from Spain, was born in 1471. He first set sail in 1509 traveling to the costs of the Pacific Ocean for trade. After sailing for trade he set sail in search for gold and other resources. In the Caribbean he found little gold but it was not until he reached South America (modern day Peru) that he received an abundance of gold. He is famously known for overthrowing the Inca Empire. In overthrowing the Inca Empire did so in two segments. First he committed an act of ransom taking hostages in trade for gold. When he reaches Atahualpa, the Inca ruler he offers to return the captives for enough gold to fill a twenty-two foot room. The Inca ruler agrees and releases gold but the men capture were dead. Finally Francisco Pizarro orders his crew to annihilate the remaining the native. Some were killed others died due to the diseases Francisco brought.

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