Tasquantum or Squanto was a famous Patuxet Native American who was influential in the success of the American colonies. Even though this may sound like he was a friend to the Americas just because he was a nice person that theory is false. Squanto and his peoples built an alliance with the Americas in an attempt to hold off the Narragansett tribe. This action though beneficial to the Patuxet at this time would prove to be there demise in the end. Though Squanto’s people were much stronger looking then the Americans, there was one thing they lacked, disease resistance. Squanto was first taken to England in the year of 1605 by an Englishman by the name of George Weymouth at his own will but in a few years following he was kidnapped and taken to England by an Englishman who had interest in selling him. When Squanto returned home his whole tribe had been killed by diseases that had been brought by the settlers he had tried so hard to help.

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