Developed Nation: France – Thomas, Brett, David


A developed nation is a country that has reached its potential as a nation and succeeded at becoming a first world nation. Countries include USA, France, UK, Spain, Germany, and most of western Europe. A developed nation no longer relies on working for other countries for its main source of income. These countries export mostly technology based materials, and import more luxury goods and lots of them.

France is a developed nation. It has excellent hospitals, and a developed transportation system that add to its eligibility as a developed nation. France exports mostly Computers and electronic products, Chemical goods, and Transportation equipment. They are known to be a luxurious nation importing foods and other expensive items. emerging nations import mostly necessary goods that are needed for their people and only the bare minimum. France has been through its emerging nation days and now comfortably rests as a  developed nation. They are fully industrialized and as a nation are more  collectors than producers.

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