Sustainable Growth

Sustainable growth is a strategy of economic growth that preserves the environment and natural resources. the goal of sustainable growth is to preserve resources for the future while meeting current needs. If the world continues to use resources at the rate it is today, we will run out of precious oil, natural gas, and clean water. Sustainable growth is one way to slow down this process. It does not mean we should get rid of all fossil fuels and other non-renewable resources, but rather cut back on them and use them in conjunction with other, “greener,” methods.

Hybrid cars are an example of sustainable technology.

The development of hybrid cars is an example of sustainable growth. It a technology that lowers the demand for gasoline, a non-renewable resource, while performing as well as a regular car. It combines the use of oil and an electric battery to lower the use of petroleum. It’s goal is to get people to cut back on oil (not completely) and to use newer, cleaner technology. This could also act as a bridge to get people to go to cars that run entirely on renewable resources.


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