Democracy Article Summary

I read the article “Challenged on Medicare, G.O.P Loses Ground”. This article expresses the opinions of a few voters, as well as informs the reader of Mitt Romney’s, as well as Barak Obama’s stance on Medicare. While Mitt Romney and Ryan Paul are interested in making private insurance the only option, Obama’s plan includes making medicare available to everyone. The overall takeaway from this article was that Obama’s plan is more favorable with the retirees, which will help him in the long run to get more votes.

This article shows how democracy effects our country. By hearing the opinion of individuals we can really grasp the idea that everyone’s has a vioce in democracy, and you have the opportunity to vote for the person who’s ideas are similar to your own. If we ran our country differently, for example by having a dicatator, no one would have a say in the type of health care. Romney would go ahead and make private healthcare, or Obama would put his plan into action. Luckily, because America is a democracy, we have the ability to elect the person who’s beliefs we share, unlike in many other governments.

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1 Response to Democracy Article Summary

  1. kristinlatimer says:

    This was interesting because it gave some voters opinions. It was very informative on the two different opinions on Medicare.

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