Mitt Romney on 47% of people are with Obama

Mitt Romney commented saying that 47% of people will vote for the president, Barack Obama, no matter what. He also commented that these 47% are mainly dependent on the government. An example being senior citizens on Medicare. He also talked about how the president has his group of people who will vote for him, while there is a group of people who are on his “team”.  He commented saying his job is to try getting the people in the middle to vote for him, and not the president.

These comments by Romney caused a huge uproar, especially with the Democrats. This is a very similar situation to in 2008 when Obama commented saying some people will “cling to their guns and religion”. Romney also said if his dad was born in Mexico, he would have more Latinos who would vote for him. Right now Obama has the majority of Latinos who favor him over Romney. This is just another conflict caused by Romney saying something controversial just like Obama did in 2008.

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2 Responses to Mitt Romney on 47% of people are with Obama

  1. Kieran says:

    After these comments from Mitt, which political side do you support?

  2. julianperkowski says:

    this post is a masterpiece of all things even remotely related to literature; Kevin, you’ve outdone yourself!

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