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The article I chose was about the death of Kim Jong-Il, who was the North Korean leader ever since 1994 to 2011.  They talked about the passing of power to his son Kim Jong-Un as well as the current state of war between NK and SK.  The article explained the lowering of stock values with China after the death, who is their main trade partners.

It also talked about the actions of Kim during his reign over North Korea, including his fascination with nuclear weaponry and the two nuclear weapons tests he performed in ’08 and ’11.  This relates to the governments that we are studying because North Korea has been a dictatorship since 1949.  North Korea is also a communist country, in which the last three rulers (Kim Il Sung, Kim Jong-Il, and Kim Jong-Un) all enforced these two types of government.  Overall, the article was very interesting and offered great insight to a situation I was unfamiliar with.


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  1. kevingfeller says:

    Agreeing with you Julian, I think this is an interesting topic as well. I find it interesting how North Korea runs their government simply due to that it is so different than ours. Nice post!

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