Cuba Denies Jailed Contractor Ill

I read the article Cuba Denies Jailed Contactor Ill.  In 2009 Alan Gross was sentenced 15 years in Cuba, on an island, for bringing in banned communications equipment as part of a State Department program to spread democracy. His wife claims that he is ill with weight loss, degenerative arthritis, a mass behind his shoulder blade, and fear he will not survive this ordeal. The Cuban Gonvernment stated, “Mr. Gross’s health is normal and he exercises regularly,” Foreign Ministry official Josefina Vidal said “Cuba reiterates that it is willing to discuss a solution to Mr. Gross’s case and continues to wait for a response.” The Cuban government officials suggested to have a prison swap where Gross would swap with five Cuban intelligence agents jailed in the United States.  But the US denied the request saying the Cuban prisoners were deep-cover spies.  Cuba says the five prisoners are heroes saying their work was to prevent attacks on the island. They will be celebrating with a concert to mark the anniversary of the arrest of the five men in the United States.

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3 Responses to Cuba Denies Jailed Contractor Ill

  1. karlssona says:

    I understand that America doesn’t want to release 5 Cuban intelligence agents, but I feel they are being unjust to Alan Gross, who was arrested while working for America.

    • edmirfin says:

      When you sign up for a job such as being a special agent, part of the job is not expecting the government to trade for you or paying you out because if the government does, then other countries will see that there is a profit to be made in capturing spies/diplomats. I understand why you feel bad for him, but it would be stupid to make any form of trade for him back.

  2. This is quite a dilemma. Both sides of the argument are very interesting. I feel bad for Alan Gross, but I also see the point of view of the government.

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