Keeping America Safe During Arab Civil Wars

Here is the article which this post is based on. This article is about how the sudden rage against the western world got started in the Middle East. These acts of hatred against us include burning USA flags, the killing of four officials, and more. Some say that it is because of a fourteen minute movie trailer that offended Muslims. Others say it is because of policy missteps on behalf of the Obama Administration. The policy missteps might have been caused by the Obama Administration for not paying enough attention to the security and property of Americans in the Middle East, or it may have been caused by something major that already happened. Lately, however, it mainly seems to be because of the power struggle. It’s a war between  pragmatists and extremists in Tunisia, Egypt, and Libya.  There’s also been a battle between secularists against Islamists, pragmatic Islamists against radical groups and  extremists. These wars are not foreseen to end anytime soon.

The governments in these countries seem to be Oligarchies, which is a form of government in which all power is vested in a few persons or in a dominant class or clique, and dictatorships, which is a country, government, or the form of government in which absolute power is exercised by a dictator. The United States is trying to help stop these civil wars, but so far nothing substantial has happened. Hopefully, we can all somehow come together and stop the chaos and terrorist acts in the Middle East.

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2 Responses to Keeping America Safe During Arab Civil Wars

  1. braedensloan says:

    Interesting. i wonder what will happen next

  2. mfsjosh says:

    What do you think our future plan in the Middle East will be, especially with the semi-recent Arab spring?

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