King Louis XVI

Louis XVI started ruling France at a young age, 15. He was definitely too immature to rule, and you could tell because he did not really make many big decisions, at first, and rarely payed attention to what was going on in his country. He married Marie Antoinette, and she tried to get things going with him to produce a new heir to the throne, but he only payed interest for food, until finally they had a child after a few years. When King Louis got older, he started trying to make decisions for France, and most of the people were poor and he used a lot of money for himself, so most of his people hated him.

Later, while they were in the middle of a war with Austria, he was caught with Marie and their family trying to get to another country, so he was arrested for treason.  After being in prison with most of the country hating him and Marie, it was time. King Louis XVI was executed publicly, with many of the people of France glad that their revolution was making more progress. He was a hated man because of all of the money he spent and how he didn’t care for the citizens of France.

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