Charlotte Corday

In 1793, Charlotte Corday murdered Jean-Paul Marat, while he was in the tub writing for his newspaper, L’ami du People. Marat was the leader of the Jacobins who played a more bloody role in the revolution. Every so often, Marat wrote a list of rebels in his news paper to be executed, which is how Charlotte got into his sewer house. On July 13th, she told him she would stop by because she had a long list of traders for his news paper but stabbed him before he had the paper in his hand. On July 17, she was sent to the guillotine. before she beheading, she said “I killed one man to save 100,000.” As soon as she was decapitated, a man picked up her head a slapped it across the cheek. Very soon after her death, controversy spread throughout Paris about her hair color. On her passport, she hair was described as chestnut brown but in Hauter’s painting of “Murder of Marat,” she was portrayed with long, powder-blonde hair. People said she had hired a man to straighten and powder her hair, which only the royals did. There is no historical report that her hair was actually powdered that day but the story still spread through Paris. 


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