Drinking and Bottled Water

Water can be considered a scarce resource. About 97% is salty or undrinkable, and 2% is locked in either ice caps or glaciers. This means that only 1% is actual drinkable water! It is hard to believe that something that we drink everyday is so scarce.  A big dilemma is if the water that we drink will run out. There are about 7 billion people in the world. It is recommended that each person drink about 64 fl oz of water each day. This is why water is so scarce. Bottled water is normally spring water, purified water, or from an aquifer, and more. People must always be doing their jobs to keep everyone alive which is quite scary. We rely on these people to bottle our water or keep the filters clean to allow everyone to be able to drink water.

A scarce resource | Water

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