Open Space and Farmlands




Open space and farmlands are general terms which include many natural resources. Farmlands specifically are important as farmers feel as though they can get more money from selling off the land to developers than they can earn by selling what the land produces. The scarcity of farmlands, in addition to the development of more and more housing, can lead to an abundant human populations that will have a harder time acquiring the food that it consistently needs. The scarcity of this resource is an example of market failure where individuals attempting to further themselves end up negatively affecting society as a group..

There are local governments that have already purchased open space to ensure that it is not developed. Although they are minimizing a possible profit, those open spaces and farmlands still contribute to the human population. Plants and trees, for example, use photosynthesis to remove Carbon Dioxide from the environment  and replace it with Oxygen, which is necessary for us to breathe. Some governments have gone a step further and paid farmers to grow and sell crops to other people, steering the farmers away from development of the lands and allowing them to remain open. These opened areas can then continue to produce food to feed the ever growing human population. In conclusion, government plays a key role is saving open space areas to ensure that there is enough food and oxygen to go around.

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