Munich, Germany

  • Populations : 24,000 inhabitants. (doubled every 30 years)
  • Geography: Southern Germany near Austria
  • Terrain: Flat, but with mountains like the Alps surrounding it.
  • Layout : Good layout for a city, it had large buildings and churches. (check maps)
  • munich-1700 Marcktzumuenchen
  • Available technology: It did have streets lights ( candles, torches) and water was available throughout the city.
  • How to get around town: Walking or by horses (horse and buggy)
  • Occupations: Church (minister) , Merchant, Mason, Doctor, Tanner, etc
  • Food: Venison, Bread, Ducks, Fruits,  Vegetables
  • Capital Distance: 360 miles
  • Families : tended to be anywhere from 2 or 3 to 10 or more
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