• divided into two parts- right and left bank
  • right bank was the east and left bank was the west
  • built on a bend of the Garonne River
  • 310 miles southwest of Paris
  • left bank was low-lying and marshy
  • From 1750 to 1790 the population grew from 66,000 to 111,000
  • royal families and the elite ate three course dinners –> first was soups and plates of meat, second was large poultry dishes, vegetables, and salad, third was cheese, fruit, and pastries
  • bordeaux was the home to the 12 prestigious parliaments of France which, along with the merchants, took over the political and cultural parts of the town
  • people traveled using horse-drawn vehicles
  • in 1789, 20,000 people were unemployed
  • common jobs were tailor, wigmakers, watchmakers, iron and cannon manufacturers, and shoemakers
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