• Farmers and traders had to continue to adapt so they could supply enough produce to meet demand.

  • Mid 1700’s the market place in Sheffield had sprawls of shops and stalls, surrounded by High Street, Swine Market, Bullstake and King Street. Stalls may also have spread beyond the Market Place stretching up High Street to Church Gates. Farmer’s wives would come to the market with baskets of butter and eggs which they would sell standing around the Market Cross.

  • butchers were among the first to be affected by the pressure for change. The problems and nuisance caused by the increased number of animals being driven into the town centre promoted local inhabitants to petition the owner of the markets, Charles Howard the Earl of Surrey, to provide them with a larger market place with better access for animals, carts and pedestrians.

  • 1784 – An Act of Parliament was passed to enlarge the Market Place

  • 1786 – A new market hall, Fitzalan Market, was built on site of the old market and opened on 31 August. 

-Urban, parkland and woodland, agricultural and arable land, moors, meadows and freshwater-based habitats

-Several Hills (100 to 200 meters above sea level)

-Sheffield’s transport infrastructure was also improved.

– In the 18th century turnpike roads were built connecting Sheffield with Barnsley, Buxton, Chesterfield, Glossop, Intake, Penistone, Tickhill, and Worksop.


-1740s a clock maker in  invented a form of the crucible steel process for making a better quality of steel than had previously been available

-There are no assemblies, no theatre, and the principal amusements of the place were the sports at the castle bowling green, and social meeting at the taverns”.

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