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Andrew and Kieran: Montpellier, France

population: 29,500 geography: south of France, <10 miles to ocean Terrain: hilly Layout: Broad boulevards lined with trees, a large square, elegant buildings Tech: No running water or street lights Transport: steam engine Living: Farmers Food: crops Distance to capital: … Continue reading

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“C’est bête comme chou” French expression.

It translates into “stupid as cabbage”. A rough American translation would be “easy as pie”. It originated because French peasants, often the stupidest of them all, would mainly eat cabbage, because they were too poor to afford much else.

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My identity

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Max Robespierr…

Max Robespierre was a french lawyer and polotician. He believed in his earlier years for equality among the people. He gathered with other such believers outside of a handball court in Versailles and vowed to keep meeting until things in the … Continue reading

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