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population: 16,000 geography: 165 miles, very industrial terrain: flat layout: mainly industrial buildings, not as many residential areas available technology: street lamps at the end of the 1700s how do people get around town: walked or rode horses what do … Continue reading

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My Identity

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A mineral is anything that is not a plant or an animal; by definition, it is any inorganic homogenous substance. Minerals, such as iron and copper, are used to make many products all over the world. The fact that they, … Continue reading

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Jean Paul Marat

Jean Paul Marat was a French journalist during the French Revolution. He published the newspaper L’AMi du Peuple, in which his anger at the monarchy was freely expressed. Being a very angry person in general, Marat had no problems with publishing his … Continue reading

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Romney’s 47%

Link Here During a private meeting, Mitt Romney stated that almost half our population are “dependent upon government.” He  said that these people consider themselves “victims,” and deserve to be taken care of, and would therefore vote for Obama no matter what. … Continue reading

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