ImageImagechinese SB                                                                Mexican SB

ImageImageEuropean SB                                                   India SB

Starbucks, which first opened in 1971,  has become a worldwide hit, with stores in all different corners of the earth. The first store opened in Seattle, and by 1991 there were 116 stores. As of July 1, 2012, there are over 17,000 stores worldwide. It is estimated that 6 new Starbucks are opened everyday around the world. They have different menus for each country too.

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Globalization: Coke and Pepsi

Globalization:  Coke and Pepsi

The picture above shows a girl from Thailand selling a few different products. You have Pepsi and Coca-Cola being sold which are originally from the United States and next to her is a fruit that originally comes from Thailand.Even though Pepsi and Coke are made in the U.S., they are being sold in different areas all over the world. This helps represent different products that are traded and sold from different countries. Each country has a relationship with another involving sharing their originated product. The communication through both countries because of this trade is important because it can lead to higher profits for both places.

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Globalization of Cell Phones

     In recent years the cell phone has become more and more globalized. In recent reports it has been said that 75% of the entire world owns a cell phone, and that number is growing at a rapid rate. This is due to the availability and usefulness of the cell phone. This number is very large however some countries, such as Saudi Arabia, have banned cell phones with cameras in their country. Image

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Globalization- Marirose and Kristin

“America’s Next Top Model” is very well known show here in the US. It is a reality/competition show for aspiring models. But, many do not know that it has spread to more places such as Australia, Chile, China, Russia, the Philippines, and 165 other regions. Austria, Bulgaria, Estonia, Italy, New Zealand, Poland, Russia, and the UK even show their own versions of the show. It has become a global phenomon since about 2003, and continues to make dreams come true for models all over the world.

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Cultural Globalization – Gangnam Style By: David Borne and Julian Perkowski

Gangnam Style started off as a popular song created by the South Korean sensation, PSY.  After creating Gangnam Style’s incredibly popular music video (currently with 1,497,838,388 views on YouTube), the phenomenon spread worldwide, further increasing its popularity.  It was, in fact, the first Korean song ever to debut on American radio stations, becoming an instant classic.  Gangnam Style’s popularity has revolutionized the genre of music known as K-Pop, making millions of fans throughout the globe.Psycute gangnam style

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Cultural Globalization: Justin Bieber

          Justin Bieber is becoming a cultural phenomenon because of the vast number of locations he has toured in. He has toured in Germany, Australia, Russia, Finland, Canada, US, Ireland, Switzerland, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, Spain, South Korea, Singapore, Vietnam, etc. He is famous in over 44 countries  making him one of the most well known music artists of this generation. 


justin bieber gifs photo: Justin Bieber ''yes'' justinbieberyes.gif

justin bieber gifs photo: Justin Bieber ifuckingdied3.gif

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Coca-Cola : Cultural Globalization : Kevin and Cieran


The Coca-Cola company is one of the most famous soda companies in the world. It is a great example of globalization being that most countries carry the Coca-Cola drinks in restaurants and for the general public in supermarkets and vending machines. If you talk to anyone in the world, there is a good chance they will know of the brand or drink.This is a perfect example of how certain brands and such can be know worldwide because of globalization and modern-day technology.

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A Globalized McDonald’s

Image                                Image


McDonalds in Rome, Italy                                      Delivery system for a Korean McDonald’s



McDonald’s is clearly a globalized business. It currently has locations established in more than 120 countries around the world, that’s almost two-thirds of the world’s countries! Although many countries have allowed, and been grateful for, the presence of McDonald’s, McDonald’s has been forced to close locations in certain countries due to government involvement and slowed sales. This shows that not all countries/populations appreciate globalization and resistance become apparent. McDonald’s employs 1,800,000 people word-wide, bring much needed jobs to many locations around the world.


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Cinco de Mayo by Andrew and Alex

cinco-de-mayo_1-0 Cinco de Mayo is a Mexican holiday commemorating the cause of freedom and democracy in the early years of the American Civil War. It is celebrated in Mexico and the U.S. It includes music, food, and folk dancing. Cinco de Mayo is an example of cultural globalization because a couple of countries celebrate it.


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“A Day In the Life” Project

Day in the Life Project 2012-2013

Click on the above link for the Handout.  Feel free to e-mail me with questions, and good luck!

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