My Article: Happy Fault

My Article: Happy Fault

Democracy is an imperfect way of government, and to be a democracy does not mean to be a Utopian society. The article “Happy Fault” goes into detail of how democracy is a system with faults. If democracy was, what the public would think, perfect then it would indeed not be democracy. With flaws, democracy is then allowed to have increasing changes that better fit to the public. Why then do people want an imperfect government?  Why don’t people just change their system of government?

In the article, it explains that democracy is the freedom of choice in faith and belief. Democracy is a constant negotiation, yes, but from that comes changes adjusting to the new needs of freedom. Even though democracy isn’t perfect, it allows people to correct and change things to ensure their freedom. There are many imperfections and flaws in democracy, but those flaws and imperfections create a better place to live under the democratic government.

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1 Response to My Article: Happy Fault

  1. rydene says:

    If there was a such thing as a perfect government, what do you think it would result in?

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